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Monday, July 23, 2012

First Day of Class & Pre-Olympic Jitters

by Danielle Lomax 

Hello Everyone!
Garden in Bath
Today marks two weeks since I first arrived in London. I must say it feels like I have been here longer. As each day progresses, I fall for the city more and more. Since my last post, I have explored more of the city. I got to visit Camden Market, which is absolutely delightful! The area is filled with tons of vendors, shops and eateries. I also got to visit Spitafield Market, which is quite similar, but geared more towards clothing and jewelry.

This past weekend, we travelled to visit Stonehenge and the city of Bath.  Although the weather was a bit cold and wet, I really enjoyed myself. Seeing one of Seven Wonders of the World was truly breathtaking. I absolutely loved Bath. The Italian influence on the architecture, made me feel like I was in another world; and the hilltop views were amazing!

I also got to experience some London nightlife this weekend. After returning from Bath we headed to Leicester Square for drinks and dancing. The atmosphere of Leicester Square at nighttime is great! Everything is so live and lit up, similar to Times Square in New York.
But it is now time to focus on the “study” part of my trip abroad. Today was my first day of class and I can definitely tell that it is going to be tough! I am the only American and International student, but the class has welcomed me with open arms.  My professor is also a delight. The syllabus calls for quite a bit of group work, so I will definitely be immersing myself into English university culture.

Until next time!



GSE Summer 2012 - London, England
Middlesex University

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